The Bannack, Montana trip is usually for the Digital Imaging course here at BYU Idaho. I had the opportunity to assist Caryn Esplin with both of the Digital Imaging courses and teach them lighting and a whole lot more. As my previous posts about Bannack, Montana have said, this ghost town has a lot of opportunities for all sorts of photographers. You can have a portrait session, landscape, light painting, macro just to name a few.

I had a few moments to snap a few pictures. I hope you enjoy these few snapshots.


AJBuruca-BannackMontana-CarynEsplin AJBuruca-BannackMontana-Group



AJBuruca-ThaneLoweClark-BannackPortrait AJBuruca-ThankeLoweClark-BannackMontana



AJBuruca-BannackMontana-DannyMorgan-ThaneLoweClark-BannackBankRobbery-Scared AJBuruca-BannackMontana-DannyMorgan-ThaneLoweClark-BannackBankRobbery-Vertical