The Milky Way, Light Painting And Northern Lights Photography In Island Park, Idaho

Night Photography Along the Buffalo River in Island Park, Idaho Night photography is one of my favorite parts of photography. While on a photo excursion with my Professional Imaging course at BYU-Idaho, I stayed up late (I’m talking about 3-4am) with a few “die-hard” classmates and friends to capture the northern lights with the milky way. These photos were taken at my professors cabin in Island Park, Idaho. Caryn Esplin was one of the die-hards that stayed up late with me to capture rare photos of the northern lights....

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Nelson Ghost Town Near Las Vegas

Recently, I was able to light paint Nelson Ghost-town, which is just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a blast being able to do that with the BYU-Idaho Photographics Society while attending Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Here are just a few of the images I was able to take that night at Nelson Ghost...

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Outdoor Light Painting in Victor Idaho

While on a Professional Imaging/Comm 316 class photo excursion in Victor, Idaho with Caryn Esplin, I was able to try out many different forms of light painting. I was able to try out Dave Black, Caryn Esplin and Gregory Crewdon styles of light paintings outside the cabin we were staying in.  For all of the above images, I was able to use Adobe Lightroom 4 to do minimal editing. I boosted some saturation and sharpened some areas of the photo as well as lightened some of peoples faces. All of the Gregory Crewdon light paintings had a exposure of...

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Indoor Light Painting in Victor Idaho

Indoor light painting is a fun way to spend  a weekend night doing. It takes time and patience, but the results are amazing. I was able to light paint in a recent trip with the Professional Imaging Comm 316 course at BYU-Idaho taught by Caryn Esplin. I think that it is better to light paint smaller objects indoors because you have better control of the lighting situation, but you can do light painting the Dave Black or Caryn Esplin style indoors or...

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Virginia City/Nevada City Montana Light Painting

Virginia City/Nevada City in Montana is full of hidden treasures. Back in October with a class photo excursion, for the dedicated photography lovers, we stopped to light paint these dredges. It was cold, and it was a long day but so worth it. I love the results with these two images. My Inspiration comes from Caryn Esplin, my professor at BYU-Idaho. She has really taught me all that I know about photography. I have learned so much from her. I love her teaching method and love how she is always willing to share her talents with other people. Much...

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Macro Still Life Photography

Using supplies from Caryn Esplin while attending a photo excursion, I light painted jewelry on a counter-top using macro extension tubes. I with a “light” HDR effect, these were the...

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Photo Excursion #1 Light Painting Island Park/Yellowstone

Since becoming involved with photography about a year ago, One of the first things I tried to do was Light-painting when I went to a day excursion to Bannack Montana last fall with my COMM 300 class. I am no expert at light painting yet, but I have seen improvement over the past year....

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