Still Life Macro Photography

Macro photography is a creative way to see the world. Still life photography really brings out the detail on certain objects that we all use on a daily basis. This past weekend I was able to work on some macro photography using macro extension tubes. The tubes are an alternative to buying a really expensive macro lens that can be used for only one purpose. The tubes simply just attach to the camera first and then you attach your zoom lens. In this case, I used my 28-300mm zoom lens along with the two smaller macro...

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Water Droplets – Mini Fisheye Lens Effect

Macro water drop fisheye effect photos take a lot of time and patience to do. You have to calculate when the water drop will fall, where it will fall and how big it will be. You also have to make sure you have a decent background that you can get it to reflect...

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Flora & Fauna Macro Photography

Macro photography is one of my favorite types of photography to do. With the use of two smaller sized macro extension tubes, I was able to capture some of natures best flora and fauna shots. Having a closer look to a flower or small insect definitely adds to the image. It is really hard to capture the smallest insects with any ordinary camera lens. I never thought that it would be so easy to do it with the tubes. It is amazing to see the difference these macro extension tubes do. It is definitely on my list of things...

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Macro Water Drop Photography

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out some more macro water drop photography. It is a rather complicated process, but so worth the amazing results. I mainly photographed crown, pinnacle and coil water drops which can be seen below with the bright pastel...

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Flowers at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is probably one of the greatest fast food restaurants with their awesome food and quick service. Chick-fil-A is also one of the cleanest and welcoming environments, such as these fresh cut flowers at the local Ammon, Idaho Chick-fil-A. Would you have guessed that these flowers were at your local...

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Colorful Macro Water Drops

Macro Photography is something that I really enjoy doing for many reasons, one of them being the fun that comes out of it. These macro water splashes are very colorful and could make a great addition to your home office, or work office as a...

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Water Droplet – Mini Macro Fisheye Lens Effect

The mini macro fisheye lens effect to a water droplet is quite the challenge. After many failed attempts, I was finally able to get a few decent ones. The process is quite simple, but the timing is the real challenge. You have to be quick. First you want to use some macro extension tubes to attach to your lens. You want to zoom all the way in and focus the manual way. Once that is complete, make sure your flash is set to go and then spray the flower or object with a spray bottle or a water dropper....

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Macro Still Life Photography

Using supplies from Caryn Esplin while attending a photo excursion, I light painted jewelry on a counter-top using macro extension tubes. I with a “light” HDR effect, these were the...

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Ink Swirl Photography

With the use food dye, a vase of water, and a macro extension tubes, I was able to snap these cool ink swirls. The process is simple, I used speed flash, remote trigger water, food dye of various colors and my Nikon D5100 camera. You have to set your camera setting to manual and focus in manual. My camera setting for almost all of these shots were 1/200 shutter speed, f/10 ISO 100 with the flash setting for the white balance.  ...

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