Family Photo Restoration Part 1

A while back, my mother sent me a few emails containing old family photos that she found while cleaning the house. She asked if I could try to restore any of the photos that she had send me. All of these photos were scanned back home in Boston, and most of the photos are in rough shape. Restoring photos can be a complicated process. Out of all the photos sent to me, this was probably one of the better condition ones that I was able restore to a “like new” if you will, photo. One of the first photos...

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Edit Your Cell Phone Picture in 2 Easy Steps With Lightroom 4

Have you ever taken a cell phone image that came out too dark, noisy or not pretty enough for your needs. With this quick tutorial, you will learn how to edit a crappy cell phone image into a decent image. Here’s the final product in a before and after view. The Story: I originally took this cell phone image with my iPhone 4 in August 2011. I was in Cedar Hills, Utah when this amazing sunset was happening. I did not have my camera batteries charged and I was so upset. I decided to take a few with my...

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Idaho Falls, Idaho Mormon Temple Before & After HDR

High Dynamic Range Photography, also known as HDR, is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to photography. Why? The colors in HDR photography are so appealing to me. I feel like natures true colors are shown then HDR is done. There are many ways to do HDR Photography, and this is one of them.

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Journalism and photography are my favorite distractions in life. I usually have a camera with me so I can capture any moment in my life. When I don't have a camera or when I am not at work, I am on social media 24/7.

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