A while back, my mother sent me a few emails containing old family photos that she found while cleaning the house. She asked if I could try to restore any of the photos that she had send me. All of these photos were scanned back home in Boston, and most of the photos are in rough shape. Restoring photos can be a complicated process. Out of all the photos sent to me, this was probably one of the better condition ones that I was able restore to a “like new” if you will, photo.

One of the first photos that I decided to restore was of my mother, Monica. She is a person that I look up to in my life and is such a great example for me. In this photo, my mother is about three years of age around the time she left her native Guatemala to come to the United States in 1974. As you can tell on the before image on the left, the photo is bent and wrinkled in many different areas. The photo also has a lot of “noise” since cameras back then were not that great, and because the photo was scanned.

I was able to crop the photo and get rid of the edges of the photo paper. In Adobe Lightroom 4 I was able to sharpen her eyes in a brush tool called “clarity”. Once that was complete, I brightened up some of the shadows. Using the content aware tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6, I was able to fill in the big fold mark on the top right corner and other wrinkled and faded areas. Upon completion of that, I added a sharpen filter on her head and body to boost the clarity and the focus of the image.

Love you mom, and I hope that you enjoy the restoration of your childhood photo!