High Dynamic Range Photography, also known as HDR, is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to photography. Why? The colors in HDR photography are so appealing to me. I feel like natures true colors are shown then HDR is done. There are many ways to do HDR Photography, and this is one of them.


This tutorial will show you how to create an image like this:


One of the photo editing programs that I use for HDR is Photomatix Pro Plus. This program allows you to either import a single picture, or multiple pictures to start creating the HDR effect to it. However, with this specific tutorial, I chose to do a single shot HDR photo of the Idaho Falls, Idaho Mormon Temple.

Once you have chosen your image, you can then imported into Photomatix.


With a single shot you will need to select the tone mapping option given. That will open up a few more screens.


Once you have gotten that far, it is up to you on how you want your images to look like. If you notice on the right hand side of the screen-shot above, there are multiple setting ready for your use. On the left hand side, you can play around with the setting such as luminosity and saturation and other settings.

Once you are happy with your image, you can process the image on the bottom left hand side of the program. After that is complete, you can go to file and save as to select where to save your image.

AJBuruca-RexburgPhotographer-IF Temple B&A

PhotoMatix has a free demo version. The one downside to the demo version is that when you export the image out, it places their PhotoMatix watermark on it. You can purchase the PhotoMatix Pro program starting at $99 or $119 for the PhotoMatix Pro Plus version that allows you to install plugins into Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture (Apple’s version of Photoshop.) You can download the program HERE.

I hope that this tutorial has helped you. Feel free to contact me via comments below if you have any questions.

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