While on a Professional Imaging/Comm 316 class photo excursion in Victor, Idaho with Caryn Esplin, I was able to try out many different forms of light painting. I was able to try out Dave Black, Caryn Esplin and Gregory Crewdon styles of light paintings outside the cabin we were staying in.


Gregory Crewdon Style


Gregory Crewdon Style


 For all of the above images, I was able to use Adobe Lightroom 4 to do minimal editing. I boosted some saturation and sharpened some areas of the photo as well as lightened some of peoples faces. All of the Gregory Crewdon light paintings had a exposure of about 10 seconds to about 15 seconds at the longest. I used a higher f/stop to have the images come out a little sharper.


With this following image, I was able to use a total of four images, 3 bracketed and one light painted image to make it into a light painted HDR composite.