This past weekend I was able to test out a few camera for fun, the Nikon D600 (I own this one, but I was testing out the schools) and the Nikon D7000. I have never used a Nikon D7000 before, but I heard that it was very similar to my full frame Nikon D600, and it was. The only difference was the crop sensor and a few other things. I really enjoyed using the 18-200mm lens. I was impressed with the sharpness. I also got to play with the 28-300mm and the 85mm lens.

Here are a few images that I shot with my friend Kris Fryer.


My friend Kris Fryer about to take a shot with the new Nikon D600. Lets just say that he loved that camera (he’s a Canon person).

Over the past week I have been fascinated with black and white photography. I don’t know why, but there is something about nature and black and white. When I think of black and white photography, the first image that comes to my mind is Ansel Adams’ famous Grand Teton’s image. Google it, and you will see what I mean by amazing. Anyways, I digress, this was my first real attempt to do black and white photography, a challenge that I have been putting off for quite some time. I really hope that you enjoy these images and let me know what you think via a comment at the bottom of this post.