Salt Lake City’s most iconic building: The Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square

I have visited the iconic Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square numerous times. Each time I visit, I try to photograph the Mormon Temple in a different way. In August 2013, I photographed the iconic temple doorknobs that were each hand crafted by the Mormon Pioneers in 1893.

The doorknob has three symbols. The seashell is a symbol for water and cleansing. It signifies the spiritual cleansing through baptism.  The Beehive is a symbol of work and industry. It signifies the need to carry the work of The Lord, to build up His Kingdom on the Earth. The Beehive also represents honey, also known as the Promised Land.  “Holiness to The Lord” comes from the engraving on the mitre of the High Priest that presided over the temple in the Old Testament.  The temple is the House of God.  All of the ordinances performed within the walls of the temple are completed with the authority of the Holy Priesthood of our Heavenly Father.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little history behind the temple doorknobs.